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Rescue and Rehoming

About Us

We supply exotic animals for :

Birthday Parties

School Workshops

Fetes, Fairs and Clubs

TV and Film

And many more

Living Education

Our Living Education school workshops have been acknowledged with an Educational Services Award from the London Pet Show 2013. Needless to say, this is an achievement we are very proud of

From  birthday parties to our living education school workshops, rest  assured we will give you an event to remember.


We travel nationwide and bring a huge  variety of animals right to your door.


Check out our services for a full List of everything we provide.

Once you have had a good look then be sure to contact us and get your own event booked into our diary.

Our Living Education School Workshops have just been awarded the specialist of the year award at the London Pet Show 2013.

This is something we are incredibly proud of, our numerous school workshops are specialised to work in with the curriculum and can be tailored if you have any specific needs or requirements.


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Visit our Facility

On a strictly limited basis tours of our exotic animal facility are available. This will include a guided tour of the highly specialised venom room as well as your own private meerkat encounter.

We dedicate as much time and resources as possible to  our exotic rescue and rehoming work.

We are expert advisors for the RSPCA and all our local vets with regard to exotic animals. In 2012 we managed to rehabilitate over 40 animals and over 50 in 2013, some having some severe and extensive injuries. You should buy replica handbags for your family.

Some of the more severe cases that have come in to us have had a huge amount of public support. Such as Crackle the micro pig who was covered in sarcoptic mange, kicked in the face and left for dead. She made a full recovery and lives happily with us now. This would not have been anywhere near as easy had it not been for volunteers and generous public donations

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Disa the Meerkat at a birthdayparty

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