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The Guild 
Some Of Our Animals
Stitch the burmese python
Tina the tarantula
Milligan the pygmy hedgehog
Chester the skunk
Disa the meerkat

Always popular is Disa the meerkat. She is the matriarch of our mob and loves to out and about with lots of people. She has been helping us to teach everyone all about meerkats in the wild and how keeping them in captivity is very difficult. Her partner Jengo was kept very incorrectly beforehe came to us, he ended up almost bald and missing half his tail. Since his arrival it has spurred Disa on to educate the world about her fellow animals.

Chester is the loveable rogue of the encounter animals. He is a star in every way and loves to meet new people. He loves his food and will eat everything then beg for more! Chester is a chocolate brown and white skunk, a little different from the usual black and white markings.

Chester has been known to curl up or in fact spread out on a comfy lap at an encounter and snore the afternoon away.

One of the true giants of this world, measuring over 14 feet in length and weighing in at almost 40 kilos Stitch is a real life gentle giant, unbelievably powerful yet remarkably gentle at the same time. To many she is a symbol of fear and terror but to those that have met her she has left nothing but good impressions. Stitch is an albino, this gives her the striking yellow colouration. Burmese pythons hail from the island of Burma and are amongst the 4 largest snake species in the world.

Tina is a mexican red knee tarantula, perhaps the most famous of species. They are the most commonly used spiders in TV and film due to their excellent disposition. Tina herself has been to many photoshoots but is still waiting for her big television break. She has also cured countless people of their arachnophobia. Tarantulas are one of the most amazing and underrated animals on this planet. When we visit you we will show you why.

African pygmy hedgehogs make excellent pets. They are great fun and can be very sociable. Socrates has many  friends from the length and breadth of the country, people she has met and have have instantly fallen in love with her. To such an extreme we now have a waiting list for her babies. Both prickly and soft, the african pygmy hedgehog will be a most welcome visitor to your event.

Gina & Yoshi the Iguanas
Bruce the Bosc Monitor
Nigel the cornsnake
Sarah the Boa Constrictor
Duke the tortoise
Leo the Chameleon

We have numerous resident Iguanas here and since the death of our oldest guy Sharky, Gina has taken over as the main girl for encounters. Both Gina and Yoshi are very friendly and love to climb up onto your head, they love to be tickled under the chin. Due to the size and strength of the larger lizards we do not advise them for birthday parties of children under 8 years old.

Another of our animals overflowing with personality, Bruce has lived with us most of his life. He is a real favourite amongst the staff especially. Surprisingly he will actually seek out human company, he regularly climbs up onto someone’s knee to chill out after he has had a good look around.  

Known for stopping people dead in their tracks Sarah is unbelievably friendly. She loves to explore and meet new people. She hails from South America in the wild but Sarah was captive bred here in the UK. Boa Constrictors are capable of reaching 13 feet in length and weighing over 40 kilos making them a very large and powerful animal.

Beautiful yet so fragile, chameleons are a true marvel of this world. Their ability to change colour is mesmerising and if you have been privileged to see them in action, either feeding or in camouflague then you will know exactly what we mean.  We have to be selective with outings for Leo as this species do not tolerate lots of travel and outings. Too much will cause them high stress levels and this is detrimental to their health.

Cornsnakes are abandoned in high numbers, we take many of them into the rescue each month. Nigel is one that has come into our rescue but loves to be out and about so much we now rarely leave home without him. Snakes have one of the worst reputations of all animals and also one of the most undeserved. Together with Nigel, Sarah and Stitch we will change perceptions and dispel this myth.

Duke is a Leopard Tortoise and was brought into the rescue as his previous owner was no longer able to provide the care he needed. He will grow to a large size and is very strong, he also like to have his chin tickled making him a real favourite among all visits. Tortoises are one of the few lifetime pets, with a potential lifespan of 100 years. They are capable of reaching a shell length of 20 inches and weighing over 20 kilos.

Spencer is an incredible animal, despite being on of the smallest crocodilian species in the world he still has tremendous power and strength. On encounters his jaws are taped for safety . He has been on numerous film, television and still photo sets and continues to wow people all over the country. In order to keep Spencer we have special licenses and insurances,  unfortunately many of these animals are kept illegally which ultimately leads to welfare issues and suffering.

Spencer the Crocodile
Sandy the Bearded Dragon

Despite being a very popular pet these days bearded dragons are still one of our most requested animals for encounters. We have high numbers of bearded dragons in through our rescue centre as many are dumped when people realise they are not the cheapest animal to keep. This is very sad as they are great company and a very loving companion. Both our encounter beardies, Danny and Sandy, love to be with people and with lavish the attention all day if they are given the chance.

Cherry is a UK native red fox. Not usually seen in captivity, however poor Cherry was orphaned at 2 weeks and had to be raised by hand.

She has fast become one of the most popular encounter animals and loves to play and go for walks with the dogs.

Cherry the Fox

Tanukis are not often seen and difficult to keep. They are stunning little characters and little Sooty is no exception. He is still only a baby but will grow up fast! Growing to the size of a small dog tanukis are high maintenance animals. They love a lot of attention and can easily become bored.

Sooty the Tanuki

Both among the largest species in the world and both extra friendly. Give your child a chance to meet some real characters and some very different animals with an Birthday Party or other Animal Encounter.

Steve the Millipede and
Margret the Giant Stick Insect

Becoming more and more popular, Dave is spearheading the “snakes are friendly” campaign all over the UK. He has been teaching in schools nationwide and showing thousands of people that there is nothing to fear. In addition he has the best ever name !

Dave the Royal Python

As a Eurasian Eagle Owl, Teasel is the largest species of owl in the world.

He is especially popular within the nocturnal animals workshop that tours the schools each year.

Also no stranger to fame, Teasel has starred in photoshoots, TV programmes and music videos.

Teasel the Owl